Step Up Dubai

Step Up is a philanthropic organisation founded in June 2015 by a group of young students enthusiastic to change the society. Step Up aims at encouraging the youth to participate actively in the betterment of our world by getting involved in social work & environmental activities. We aim to spark an interest and sense of belonging in people about how it feels to lend a helping hand.


From planting trees to catering to special needs students, Step Up has cast a wide net in the world of social activities. In the past year, Step Up has grown quite a bit by amassing over 200 volunteers. We hope to include people of all ages in our future projects and would like to work on bringing people of different cultures together in a multinational city like Dubai. Step Up hasn’t just stopped at Dubai but has branched out to India, Nepal and Pakistan as well. We have been involved in building wells in countries like Nepal and Pakistan too. The Step Up Team has tirelessly worked on different aspects of this organization and we would be extremely happy to see more people volunteer with us.

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