Injoy Giving

Send the perfect gifts to friends and loved ones in Dubai. Each gift makes a difference. With every gift you send, Injoy Giving support the United Nations World Food Programme in providing nutritious school meals for children. Your acts of giving create happiness ripples that change the world.

Up-cycled pieces of art gifted forward in the spirit of generosity

Up-cycled pieces of art handmade with love and gifted forward at our last event – all in the spirit of generosity


Our story

When someone smiles at you, you smile back without thinking. You forget what was on your mind and find yourself in the here and now, feeling happy. Imagine coming to work to find a little present waiting on your desk. As you walk through your day, feeling loved and seen, you find yourself holding the door for a stranger and thanking the workers repairing the street outside. When you buy a coffee later, you decide to pay kindness forward, by paying for someone else’s coffee. Others nearby are warmed by your generosity. They are all inspired to pay kindness forward in their own ways, and the happiness ripples spread further and wider.

Imagine a world in which people practice generosity in their everyday lives, through small and random acts of kindness to large and intentional acts of giving. Our generosity would add up to something beautiful.

Our experiments in generosity are designed to engage the community in giving and awaken happiness everywhere.

Get in touch with us and explore ways to spread the spirit of kindness and generosity! :)

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