“Inara” is Arabic for “a ray of light”. Conceived in 2014 by a small group of university students, Inara was envisioned as a proactive, youth focused, human services organization. We are a student run, non-profit organization with our center of operations in Dubai, U.A.E. While we conduct over 90 percent of our events and activities in Dubai, a small fraction of our activities intersect with the Indian sub-continent as well.

We are students from various universities in Dubai who want to do our part in making the city of gold shine even brighter. The question arose as to how we could achieve this and Inara is our answer. We volunteer for communities who require help the most, engage in fundraising for those in need and when we can we like to spread a bit of knowledge to those who didn’t have access to it for so many years.

home_3So far we have been successful in organizing various events like the Iftar food drive which has managed to feed hundreds of laborers in Dubai and fun filled events like Art and Soul and For a smile that has brought a precious smile on the faces of countless underprivileged children. But this is merely scratching the surface of what we do and plan to do as we move ahead in our journey.

We always need volunteers for our events and trust us when we say that it’s the most rewarding and exhilarating experience you’ll have. So, if you’re a student and you’d like to do your part for the community, download Involver and get involved with Inara!

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